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Scintillant InfoTech Provides Business Consulting,Technology, Engineering and Outsourcing Services to help clients innovate and transform their businesses. Scintillant targets strategic long term client relationships using it's IT Business Process and Strategic Consulting to help clients transform their business with minimum risk and disruption givingclients greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. We work as an extended arm of your existing team empowering you with highly specialised staff holding domain expertise and a talent pool experienced in different industrial verticals with the flexibility to blend into any service line you demand.

Our foresighted Strategic Consulting team works proactively in giving you strategic advise on matters of high relevance and integrates with core ITBusiness processes to bring about the best suited solutions tailored for your organisation. When every inch makes a difference Scintillant aims to equip you with cutting edge technologies to best place you amongst your industry peers - Start a conversation today to find out what we can do for your business   [email protected]


Banking & Financial Services

Industries in the financial sector today are facing challenges in business transformation on account of strict regulatory, statutory and security requirements being imposed on them. Balancing high performance and growth is the biggest question before the firms working in the financial sector today.
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Communications Services

In today’s competitive world it becomes imperative to be a part with the latest and advanced in both technology and hardware of the communication vertical. Explosion of new technologies such as 4G/LTE, cloud, social networking, and smartphones have forever changed the way we share and consume information.
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Consumer Package Goods

"An expert seller sells not his goods, rather buys his customers' heart". A healthy seller is one who can predict the interests, likes and dislikes of his customer. Traditional methods of prediction have given way and technology is the talk of the day.
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Energy & Utilities

Catering to the needs of many citizens an Energy & Utility enterprise has complex requirements. Our solution architects are experts in provisioning of technology related solutions. Our subject matter experts understand the diverse requirements working in tandem with our consultants who propose multiple solutions to meet the requirement of the industry/sector in focus.
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Health Care

High competition in the health care industry has seen the emergence of two important concepts "Brand Name" and "Marketing". Gone are the days when health care used to witness passive marketing. From "patient" to "customer" the change is drastic.
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In the modernised insurance sector, price alone is not the factor that influences the customer. Customers today are highly influenced by how you present your product, how you service their policy and how you deal when an actual claim comes.
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Life Sciences

Life sciences companies are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people around the world. While the industry has made significant advances in conquering major diseases and improving our quality of life, there continues to be tremendous opportunity to meet needs across many patient populations
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The pace of change in manufacturing industry has been blistering. Both perceptions and reality have shifted radically, even in the last several months. The world is impressed with the acquisitions manufacturing companies are making across the world
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Computer age has brought about change in the very outlook of customers. From walking around in search of shops to Google search for a product, the change is drastic. If you ought to survive in the highly competitive retail sector, you need to be nothing less than the LEADER
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The technology industry has been grappling with intense competition, continuous product innovation and compliance adherence. There is a need for swift responses to global sourcing strategies while trying to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
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Transportation & logistics

Transportation & logistics Transportation is an industry experiencing fast paced development. High competition has made "customer satisfaction" the most relevant factor for survival in the industry. Customer satisfaction can be attained only by making changes relevant to meet the requirements of the customers from time to time.
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Hospitality & Leisure

Today, the hospitality and the leisure industry is going through a phase of evolution. The hospitality industry traditionally more focused on the physical product is waking up to a customer who is demanding consistent delivery of the brand promise and, in the upscale to luxury segments.
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Public Sector

A public sector enterprise has complex requirements as it has to cater to the needs of many Citizens. A major limitation faced by public sector is lack of budgetary allocation to fulfill its requirements. Empowering itself with high end technology whilst not crossing its budgetary allocation is a challenging task.
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The Publishing Industry is a fragmented, mature, cyclical sector that is comprised of two subcategories, traditional print media and printing. Traditional print media, more commonly known as publishing, primarily focuses on products for the consumer. Such products include books, magazines and other periodicals,
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Worker migration from East to West – Tjobs´ numbers are setting the record straight

Posted on 14. Mai 2014 by Roland Manger

Often enough perception is reality. This is well understood in the relatively short-term business of the media and its symbiotic partner politics, where “after the elections is before the elections”. 2014 is an excellent year to observe how political and media opinion leaders are shaping public perception with very few means. At midnight on January […]