Scintillant Infotech

Banking & Financial Services

Industries in the financial sector today are facing challenges in business transformation on account of strict regulatory, statutory and security requirements being imposed on them. Balancing high performance and growth is the biggest question before the firms working in the financial sector today. It’s a time when Customer experience is becoming the real differentiator in the banking sector and 100% Customer satisfaction, the level that every firm strives to attain. It’s a time when the real need is a "non-stop interactive banking environment".

Scintillant has through knowledge of financial sector and has expertise in providing business solutions that drive efficiency, effectiveness and innovation. We understand that every firm has a unique challenge. The only way for the firm to develop is to work around the unique challenge that it faces. Scintillant takes pride in understanding your unique challenge and working on it by devising a solution exclusively to suit your needs. We address your challenges by understanding them and providing you with strategy, cost effective solution and live-operations support. We are experts in enhancing product features and managing your challenges pertaining to business transformation.

“Old is Gold provided its moulded to fit in your new box”, is the principle that we have always believed. Your processes might be right, but their efficiency might be low on account of outdated technology. We re-engineer your legacy system to tune it in accordance with your new requirements and current computing platform. This gives you with twin benefits of improving the performance of your entire platform and also the flexibility to retain your old and valuable data.

"Innovation" is our input, thereby giving "automation" and "transformation" as our end work products. Our specialist team ensures non-association of any risk for your firm which is driven by technology. With our innovative ideas and services your products and processes would see a new level of efficiency that would lead your firm through ladder of success. With us behind, you would find an enhanced level of customer satisfaction giving you an edge over and above your competitors.