Scintillant Infotech


The Publishing Industry is a fragmented, mature, cyclical sector that is comprised of two subcategories, traditional print media and printing.

  • Traditional print media, more commonly known as publishing, primarily focuses on products for the consumer. Such products include books, magazines and other periodicals, targeting an array of genres and demographics, based on virtually any subject.
  • The printing business concentrates on the physical production of media. Printers serve publishing companies, as well as firms involved in billboard advertising, promotional activity, financial statements/documents, check printing and other media.

Both the publishing subcategories are constantly endangered with the rise of digital content aggregators, search engines, online advertising, digitization and social content platforms. For the publishing enterprises to survive, evolve and revive there is a need of aggressive transformation with a focus on restoring the stories, ideas, and information without losing the true essence of the content.

With support of in-house analytics, strategic and innovation team, Scintillant architects, designs and develops custom services and solutions with necessary features and flexibility that enables clients to address the publishing needs of today’s digital world. Below are a few solutions that we offer

  • Leveraging analytics to explore opportunities and new avenues in the publishing world
  • Robust content management
  • Organizing of mountainous data and content
  • Rights and royalty management
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital asset production
  • Delivery of content, information, advertising and services any time, anywhere - for less
  • Reducing costs and increasing flexibility
  • Change from print-centric editorial processes and systems
  • Seamless delivery and ease of integration across multiple platforms