Scintillant Infotech

Hospitality & Leisure

Today, the hospitality and the leisure industry is going through a phase of evolution. The hospitality industry traditionally more focused on the physical product is waking up to a customer who is demanding consistent delivery of the brand promise and, in the upscale to luxury segments. The country is expected to witness demand for additional 50,000 hotel rooms in next four-five years, this exponential growth has resulted in host of complex issues that need swift and proactive measures in operations, customer relationship management, back office processes, etc. Since multiple business units or chains are scattered all over the globe, it is hard for the service providers and the customers to be on the same page. The key to success is product differentiation and superlative customer experience using state of the art IT Solutions. Using the digital & Social medium effectively also has become imperative to attract both corporate and retail customers, enterprises need IT solutions that can bring them closer to end consumers

Our solutions like property management systems, hotel registration and reservation systems, GDS, booking portals, travel shopping engines and timeshare holiday systems enable hospitality enterprises improve profitability across all distribution channels and ensure effective management of revenue and occupancy yield. Our knowledge of the new industry standards and evolving technologies like SOA help enterprises adopt them effectively.

The Scintillant Hospitality practice is armed with futuristic business solutions and smart technology packages that create the perfect holiday experience for your customers, some of our solutions include.

  • Improve process efficiencies
  • Workforce Management Solution
  • E-Commerce Implementation
  • RFID Guest Recognition
  • Eco Sustainable Solution
  • Frameworks Mobility Solutions for enhanced guest experience
  • Customer Interaction Management
  • Hotel Database Maintenance
  • Fraud Detection
  • Fare Filing and Distribution
  • Finance and Accounting Outsourcing
  • Human Resources Outsourcing
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  • Quality Assurance Outsourcing