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Today, driving innovation is success, and success demands agility. With the increase in dependency on IT Virtualization has started to play a major role in Data Center Optimization. Virtualization acts as a foundation for an automated, agile infrastructure that provides large scale benefits such as improved utilization, reduced floor space requirement, reduced power costs, reduced cost of IT growth, allocate your resources, data and people more efficiently, and improve your IT organization's responsiveness.

Starting with Virtualizing the low intensity, less critical workloads, such as File & Print Servers, or Web Servers, but as customer confidence in virtualization grows, customers need to understand the impact of virtualization, from a performance, scalability and reliability perspective, on their more mission-critical, tier 1 and tier 2 applications and workloads, like email & collaboration systems, databases, and CRM systems.

Scintillant delivers highly available, high performing, scalable, robust services across your heterogeneous infrastructure using the most cost effective virtualization platform.

Virtualization Infrastructure