Scintillant Infotech

Analytics & Information Management

Success is visualising the future and analytics is the tool to visualise

In a highly competitive world, with new players emerging every day, its only competitive and market intelligence that could set you apart and put in the right path of growth. Insight into market would help an enterprise to capitalise on opportunity and to deliver sustainable business performance. Advanced business intelligence and analytical solutions help make quick and effective decisions.

We understand that analytical data is an asset and we deliver it to our client in a perfect form which would serve the anticipated purpose of market intelligence and extraordinary growth. Based on your requirements, we furnish data in both the forms, i.e., crude form and processed/presentable form. Our services include the following:

Advanced Analytics:
We offer services across business functions and industries. We are experts in advanced data visualisation, pattern mining and applying advanced quantitative techniques on enterprise and third party data. We provide an advanced output that would help improve your decision making process, marketing effectiveness and operational efficiency. It would help you understand, predict and influence customer behaviour. Our advanced analytics offerings would include:

  1. Finance analytics
  2. Product lifecycle analytics
  3. Supply chain analytics
  4. Workforce analytics
  5. Safety analytics
  6. Recurring underwriting and claims modelling
  7. Benchmarking
  8. Incentive compensation
  9. Fraud analytics

Business Intelligence
Enterprises need accurate and latest data to deduce insights. We provide reports and dashboards with finest level of business intelligence that manages real time data and turns it into context rich information. We assist you in strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, modelling, scenario planning, profitability analysis and KPI monitoring.

Information Management
We function as enterprise data warehouse managing exponential amounts of data generated every day and thereby enabling you to make effective business decisions. We act as central integrated warehouse for a unified view of data. We maintain data consistency whilst not compromising with its quality. Our expertise would help you gain more time for your business development and also reduce cost for your customers.