Scintillant Infotech

Application Services

Role of technology and computer related application in every business sector is no more a myth, but in actuality, Success of a business is very much dependent on computer applications as it is on human efforts and ideas. We offer you the best application services at competitive rates that would transform your business into a successful reality. Our services are spread across :

  • Development
  • Re-engineering
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  1. Application Development:
    Your quest for a software solution ends at Scintillant. We design according to your need by making an analysis of your particular business case. We develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms. We make applications that function in multiple environments and with high precision and accuracy. We implement the application and fine tune it according practical work environment.
  2. Application Re-engineering:
    Your legacy systems might be your power, provided, it is remolded to meet your higher requirements. We offer re-engineering services that transform your systems to work in today’s business environment and meet more stringent business demands. We:
    • Perform source code analysis
    • Re-design target databases
    • Convert certain programming languages
    • Re-design and convert user interfaces
    We keep your core systems operational, free of defects and responsive to changing user needs. Our innovative ideas introduce enhancements that improve process and service levels.
  3. Application Maintenance Services: Our unique application maintenance services would enhance the life of your systems, ensure that they evolve with your business, reduce system downtime and help you focus on strategic initiatives by minimizing the time spent on routine activities. The services include maintainability analysis, maintenance and enhancement and are delivered using the Global Delivery Model.
  4. Application Testing Services: In today’s world with enhanced levels of legal and regulatory compliance requirements testing is not merely a formal pre-deployment requirement, but beyond. Testing is a critical, highly complex and time consuming activity that requires expertise and careful due diligence.

    We offer a comprehensive suite of software testing services that includes consulting, enterprise services and functionality testing. Our testing parameters are designed keeping in view our client’s strategy and future technology thereby giving a cutting edge to our services.